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Fat Biking

Fat bikes are mountain bikes with wide tires that can be used in snowy conditions. Multiple singletrack trails, both groomed and ungroomed, across the state are open for fat biking in the winter months. VAST trails across state lands are also open for fat biking.

The fat biking season opens in late December and runs until the snow melts and causes muddy conditions in the spring. However, if there is inadequate snow, managers may temporarily close trails throughout the winter to prevent damage to the trails. Always check whether trails are open before heading to the trailhead.

Below are trails on state land that are open for fat biking in Winter 2022/2023:

VAST Snowmobile Trails

Any VAST snowmobile trail on state lands. Note that some trails cross onto private property that might not be open to alternative uses.

Other Groomed Trails

Perry Hill 

Trail Conditions

Ungroomed Trails

Butterfield Loop

Cotton Brook/Little River State Park

Seyon Lodge Trails

Depot Brook Loop

More Information

Please respectfully enjoy winter trails by:

  • Staying on designated trails.
  • Avoiding soft snow. If you are leaving a rut, please turn around and come back when the snow has firmed up.
  • Using bikes only with tires at least 3.8 inches wide inflated to 2-8 PSI.
  • Yielding to others and sharing the trails with hikers, snowshoers, skiers, and snowmobilers.
  • Wearing reflective gear and lights when riding on snowmobile trails.

​Contact Jim Duncan, State Lands Manager, at with any questions or comments.