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Vermont Wood Banks

Vermont wood banks support Vermonters in need with renewable free fuel. Heat on average is 10% of Vermonter's income. Wood banks lower the heating cost burden for demographics in need. The majority of wood is donated from private landowners, state lands, and/or purchased using program funds. Fuel-grade wood supports healthy forest management and the forest products industry. 80 cents of every dollar spent on wood stays in VT versus 22 cents for fossil fuels.

Using wood to heat our homes is a common practice for many Vermonters whether it be with cordwood or wood pellets. According to the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation’s Vermont Residential Fuel Assessment: 2014-2015, 38% of Vermont households burned wood for at least some of their space heating needs. Wood bank efforts support VT’s comprehensive renewable energy goal: 90% of total energy needs from renewables by 2050. 35% of thermal needs from wood energy by 2030.

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Volunteers, Donations Keep Vermont's Wood Banks Sharing The Warmth Of Wood

Vermont Wood Banks Offer Neighborly Heating Assistance 

Wood Warms

Wood Warms is an initiative operated by the Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation, aiming to bridge the gap for those facing financial constraints regarding keeping their homes warm. By harnessing the potential of timber harvesting on state-owned lands, this program addresses the need for a sustainably produced and affordable source of firewood.  Learn More on the Wood Warms Page