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Firewood and Invasive Pests

Firewood is widely recognized as a major source of non-native forest insect and disease infestations. To prevent the movement of these pests, use only local firewood and follow firewood rules.

A rule governing the importation of untreated firewood into Vermont went into effect in 2016. More information about this rule can be found here.

Visitors to Vermont State Parks, Vermont State Forests, and the Green Mountain National Forest may only bring firewood originating from Vermont or that is heat treated and in its original, labeled package.

To help slow the spread of emerald ash borer within Vermont, ash firewood that has not been heat treated should not be moved outside of the Emerald Ash Borer Infested Area in Vermont.

More information about firewood and invasive pests is at the vtinvasives Don't Move Firewood website.