Resources for Forest Managers

hardwoods Helpful guides and other documents for forest land management.

Minimum Standards for Forest Management and Regeneration (from Vermont's Use Value Appraisal Manual)

Minimum Standards for Forest Management Plans: (from Vermont's Use Value Appraisal Manual) Summarizes land use categories and with definitions NOT in statute for eligibility and land conditions. Also covers the basics of Ecologically Significant Treatment Areas (ESTAs).

Partial list of Acceptable Forest Management Publications: Technical documents on the silvics and management of most forest types and trees found in Vermont, and guides for measurement and sampling, wildlife habitat, and natural communities.

Sugarbush Management Standards for the Use Value Appraisal Program and Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation Tapping Guidelines: Acceptable standards for sustainable sugarbush management and tapping in forest stands in Vermont for sugarbushes enrolled in Forestry Use Value Appraisal (note: these standards cover guidance organic sugarbush management). (link )

Power of Attorney form: For UVA forest management plans.

ANR Management Guidance for Optimizing Mast Yields in Beech Mast Production Areas

Wetland, Woodland,Wildland, A Guide to the Natural Communities of Vermont-on-line

ANR Atlas: A portal to maps and information on a variety of landscape data including watershed information you can use for planning.

US Forest Service: A compilation of state and federal publications.