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County Forester Program

Walk in woods

County Foresters and Forestry Advisors provide forest management and forest stewardship information, technical assistance, and outreach to landowners in Vermont. County Forester offices are conveniently located around the state.

Whether you are interested in harvesting, wildlife habitat, outdoor recreation, or all of the above, your County Forester or Advisor can guide you. Although there are limitations to the amount of field work our staff can do for any one landowner, they can take a walk with you in your woods to explore what is there, discuss your goals for your forest, and talk about what forest management activities you might consider. Our staff can provide you with contact information for forest management professionals who offer management services. They can also update you about current state and federal programs, including Forest Stewardship and Use Value Appraisal (Current Use), to assist you with forest management activities.

County Foresters can provide services and guidance to communities on a variety of forestry-related topics. Most assist municipalities with town forest management. County Foresters are often engaged in forest health issues outreach and may work with schools, planning commissions, conservation commissions and watershed organizations on training, demonstrations, community service events, or natural resource projects.

For the Forest Landowner Mailing List and more information about your woods.