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Introducing the Landowner Guides to a Successful Timber Harvest

 A timber harvest, when done correctly, can be a valuable tool to support the overall health of your woods. But a harvest can be a stressful time for some landowners. It's understandable. You love your woods and you want to take care of them. So to prepare you for a successful harvest and remove some of the confusion, we’ve created a series of simple guides to help you understand the process of timber harvests and avoid pitfalls every step of the way.

With topics including Overview, Wildlife, Water, Economics, and Working with Foresters and Loggers, The Landowner Guides to a Successful Timber Harvest offer valuable information pulled from the Vermont Voluntary Harvesting Guidelines. You'll have the guidance you need to help you cut with confidence.

For the Forest Landowner Mailing List and more information about your woods.

Overview: includes tips on how to plan harvest goals and steps of a successful timber harvest  ♦ 

Wildlife: outlines the characteristics of your woods that make it home to wildlife and to consider during a harvest  ♦  

Water: reviews types of water features on your property and techniques to protect water quality  ♦  

Economics: examines ways to value your timber and lists elements of a contract with a logger 

Working with Foresters & Loggers: how to find a professional and know who does what in a timber harvest  ♦

Need even more detail?

  Voluntary Harvesting Guidelines  ♦   List of Consulting Foresters    Sample Contract

Use Value Appraisal  ♦  Acceptable Management Practices  ♦  County Forester Program  ♦  List of County Foresters

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