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Division of Forests

LandscapeOur mission at the Division of Forests is:

We manage for and protect healthy forests; we work with Vermont citizens to promote forest health, supporting best management practices, sustainable use, and respect for the land.

This ethic is the foundation that guides all our decisions and actions. Our mission is fulfilled through a broad offering of programs that manage Agency lands, monitor the statewide condition of forests, and help private landowners become stewards of their woodlands. Additionally, our programs assist communities in urban and community forestry; protect forests from large-scale outbreaks of disease, insect pests and wildfire; support the wood-using industry, and provide educational opportunities in forestry subjects for individuals of all ages. To help us meet the goals our mission, we work collaboratively with partnerships.

The Division of Forests is staffed with foresters and specialists who provide information, technical and assistance, and also manage state-owned lands. The Division Director and several program managers are located at the Central Office in Montpelier. The majority of the program staff are stationed in one of the five District Offices located around Vermont. Meet the team!