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Forest Biology Lab: What's Wrong With My Tree?

Who are we?

The Forest Biology Lab employs forest health specialists who provide diagnostic services, identifying forest pests and pathogens, and other tree and forest stressors within the state. The lab supports forest health assessments and management through research, public education, and extension activities, including maintaining insect and disease records and responding to requests.  The lab is managed by the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation and is located at the Vermont Agriculture and Environmental Laboratory on the Vermont Technical College campus in Randolph.

Who do we serve? 

We serve the state of Vermont and are happy to assist with requests from private landowners, consulting foresters, private and public land managers, and educators for diagnostic services and providing information related to tree and forest health.  

How do I access lab services? 

  1. Fill out and submit this online diagnostic request form.
  2. Send numerous, good quality pictures to OR samples can be sent overnight in a crushproof container, or hand-delivered by appointment to:

Vermont Agriculture and Environmental Laboratory

Forest Biology Lab Attn: Savannah Ferreira

163 Admin Drive, Randolph Center, VT 05061

How can I access the insect collection?

This collection is available for viewing by appointment and is used in our education and outreach efforts. To make an appointment, please email The collection is currently being digitized for virtual viewing. To view the incomplete collection virtually, please visit GBIF.

Other helpful links:

For descriptions of 55 tree pests that occur in Vermont, visit our Field Guide to Common Insect Pests of Urban Trees in the Northeast.

UMN Extension: What's wrong with my plant?

If you think you have found an invasive species, please report it.

COVID-19 Response:

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Agency of Natural Resources is taking additional safety measures to protect our employees, partners, and customers. We are now working remotely and focused on keeping our normal business processes fully functional. We encourage you to communicate electronically or via phone to the greatest extent possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding that responses may occasionally be delayed.