Heavy Cut Law

Intent-to-Cut Notification: Heavy Cutting

An Intent-to-Cut Notification must be submitted to the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation ONLY IF a landowner plans to conduct a HEAVY CUT of FORTY ACRES or more. "Heavy cut" is defined as "a harvest leaving a residual stocking level of acceptable growing stock below the C-line, as defined by the United States Department of Agriculture silvicultural stocking guides for the applicable timber type."

For more information about the Heavy Cutting Law or to view the Intent-to-Cut Notification Rules, Standards, and Procedures, click on the links below.

VSA Title 10,Chapter 83, ss 2625: Regulation of Heavy Cutting

Intent-to-Cut Notification: Emergency Rules, Standards, and Procedures

Application Form (fillable .pdf form)

Intent-to-Cut Notification: Silvicultural References, Part 1 (Large File)

Intent-to-Cut Notification: Silvicultural References, Part 2 (Large File)

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