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Policies and Regulations

Learn more about the Agency of Natural Resources Nondiscrimination Policy here.

Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation Policies

FPR Policy #1     All Terrain Vehicles

FPR Policy #2     Commercial Advertising

FPR Policy #3     Gravel Pits

FPR Policy #4     Mountain Bicycles, Horseback Riding, and Pack Animals

FPR Policy #5     Mountaintop Communications Facilities

FPR Policy #6     Naming State Forests, Parks, and Natural Areas

FPR Policy #7     Natural Areas Designation

FPR Policy #12   Railroad Rights-of-Way (Discontinued Railroads)

FPR Policy #13   Road Classification

FPR Policy #14   Discontinuance of Class IV Highways and Trails

FPR Policy #15   Trail Closure

FPR Policy #16   Utility Easements

FPR Policy #17   Vendors

FPR Policy #18   Encroachments on State Lands

FPR Policy #19   Hazardous Materials Management

FPR Policy #21   State Lands Management Planning

FPR Policy #22   Providing Links from the FPR Website

FPR Policy #23   Use of Metal Detectors in State Parks

FPR Policy #24   Importation of Firewood

Agency of Natural Resources Policies

This list of ANR policies represents those policies pertaining to state lands and, therefore, should not be considered a complete listing of Agency policies.

Agricultural Activities on Land Owned by the Agency of Natural Resources - pdf

Use of Pesticides on ANR Lands - pdf

Wind Energy and Other Renewable Energy Development on State Lands - pdf

Geocaching on Agency Lands - pdf

Tree Stands and Ground Blinds on Agency Lands - pdf

Trail Easements on Agency Lands - pdf

Acquisition of Lands with Restrictions on Hunting, Fishing or Trapping - pdf

Public Involvement in ANR Lands Management - pdf

Biological Control of Purple Loosestrife on Agency Lands - pdf

Uses of State Lands - pdf

Primitive Camping Guidelines

Rock Climbing on ANR Lands

Riparian Area Management on ANR Lands Policy

Riparian Management Guidelines for Agency of Natural Resources Lands

Use of Mobility Devices on ANR Fee-Owned Lands by Persons with Mobility Disabilities