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Flood Resources


Our Mission

To practice and encourage high quality stewardship of Vermont’s environment by:

  • Monitoring and maintaining the health, integrity and diversity of important species, natural communities, and ecological processes
  • Managing forests for sustainable use, including providing and promoting opportunities for compatible outdoor recreation
  • Providing related information, education and service

Org Charts

The Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation (FPR) is responsible for the conservation and management of Vermont’s forest resources, the operation and maintenance of the State Park system, and the promotion and support of outdoor recreation for Vermonters and our visitors.  In addition, FPR is responsible for the acquisition, planning coordination and administration of all Agency of Natural Resources lands. Department employees are stationed throughout Vermont, including offices in Montpelier and at five regional locations.


Division of Forests

The Division of Forests coordinates the planning and implementation of all stewardship activities on more than 350,000 acres of state-owned forest land. The Division also provides technical assistance to private landowners, by request, to assist them with land management. In addition, the Division administers the forestry portion of the Use Value Appraisal Program on private lands. Within the Division, there are a number of programs. The Forest Resource Protection Program is responsible for detecting, monitoring, and reporting tree and forest stresses from insects, diseases, air pollution, and fire. The Marketing and Utilization Program promotes the manufacture of forest products in Vermont; and assists businesses, communities, and private citizens with matters related to wood products and wood-generated energy. The Urban and Community Forestry Program provides communities with assistance in municipal street and shade tree planning, planting, and care. The Watershed Forestry Program promotes watershed health through the conservation, restoration, and stewardship of trees and forests. For more information, see the Division's page.

State Lands Administration and Outdoor Recreation

The State Lands Administration and Recreation Division conducts land acquisitions for the Agency of Natural Resources (ANR), coordinates long-range management planning for ANR lands, and updates Vermont’s comprehensive outdoor recreation plan. The Division is responsible for the following ANR land services: property surveys, boundary and deed research, producing maps, maintaining property records, and administering leases and licenses for any special uses. In addition, the division protects and enhances Vermont's world-class outdoor recreation opportunities, including recreation activities on state lands and administering many outdoor recreation grants.

State Parks

The State Parks Division provides outdoor recreation facilities primarily through Vermont’s very popular state parks. The Division manages 52 Vermont state parks each offering high-quality opportunities for outdoor recreation compatible with the conservation of Vermont’s natural resources and aesthetics, providing environmental education and information, and supporting the economies and values of local communities. State parks promote, operate, and maintain a large and complex system of conserved lands, as well as both historic and modern facilities that are enjoyed by well over half a million visitors every year.

Administration - Business Office and the Commissioner's Office

Supports the three divisions with oversight, direction and coordination of policy, legal, contractual and financial operations; supports the information and education functions of each division; processes and maintains records for accounts and budgets.