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Birdseye Wildlife Management Area

Castleton, Ira & Poultney; Rutland County 770 Acres

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General Description:

The 770-acre Birdseye Wildlife Management Area (WMA) located approximately six miles west of the City of Rutland in the towns of Ira, Castleton and Poultney. The terrain ranges from fairly level former pasture and farmland to the steep talus slopes of Birdseye Mountain.

Unique Features:

The Wildlife Management Area’s name is derived from the prominent 2,216-foot Birdseye Mountain at the center of the property. One major watercourse, Gulley Brook, drains the WMA with several smaller feeder streams traversing the property. This aesthetic brook is worth the short hike to see.

Recreation Overview:

Hunting, fishing and trapping area popular activities on the WMA. Wildlife viewing, particular bird watching, are also popular activities. A portion of a designated snowmobile trail passes through a portion of the property.

Planning Overview:

The long-range management plan for Birdseye Wildlife Management Area was developed in 1986. It is currently being revised as part of the Castleton Management Unit. Initial steps in gathering inventory and assessment data are being conducted. Once that data has been gathered a public scoping meeting will be held.