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Blueberry Hill Wildlife Management Area

Castleton & Ira; Rutland County 1,296 Acres

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Blueberry Hill Wildlife Management Area, along with Birdseye Wildlife Management Area, is part of the Castleton Management Unit.

General Description:

Blueberry Hill Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is located north of Route 4 in the towns of Castleton and Ira. The WMA exists in three separate and divided parcels. Access to the Middle Block is available through lands owned by the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs located off Belgo Road. Three is no access to the WMA from Route 4 since this is a limited access highway.

Unique Features:

Blueberry Hill WMA contains steep mountainous terrain that ranges from about 500 feet in elevation near Route 4 to about 1,800 feet in elevation on the eastern parcel. Blueberry Hill, which lies just north of the western parcel, is 1,246 feet high. The oaks, hickories and hophornbeams on the WMA produce excellent mast, which is an important wildlife food source.

Recreation Overview:

Recreation within the WMA is dominated by dispersed fish and wildlife-based pursuits including hunting, trapping, wildlife viewing, walking and hiking. While there are no designated trails within the WMA there are a number of woods roads.

Planning Overview:

The long-range management plan for the Castleton Management Unit including both Blueberry Hill WMA and Birdseye WMA is under revision. Natural resource inventories and assessments that serve as the basis for planning are underway.

Planning Updates:

An initial public scoping meeting will be held prior to the development of the draft plan once inventories are complete.