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Where can you go swimming?

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Nothing feels as good as a dip in clear, clean water on a hot summer day. Vermont State Parks have some great options, whether you want to swim in a lake, river, or even a swimming pool. There are big lakes like Lake Champlain, Bomoseen and Lake Carmi, or smaller, quieter lakes like Silver Lake or Lake St. Catherine. There is a kid-friendly swimming pool with slides at Button Bay State Park and Salmon Hole on the West River is a great place to cool off at Jamaica State Park. Most Vermont State Parks that are located on bodies of water have beaches, restroom facilities, canoe and kayak rentals, and sometimes even concession stands. We perform weekly swim water testing. Lifeguards are available only at the Button Bay pool.

Vermont is also known for its swimming holes offer and they offer wonderful recreational opportunities, but swimming holes do not have staff oversight to manage daily use and swimming at unmanaged sites comes with risks. Good decision-making, and a little bit of planning, can often avert a tragedy.

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