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Woodford State Park

Woodford; Bennington County 401 Acres

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General Description:

The 400-acre Woodford State Park is located in the southern Green Mountain town of Woodford. This high elevation (2400 feet) property is surrounded by lands of Green Mountain National Forest including the Aiken Wilderness.

Unique Features:

Adams Reservoir sits at the southern end of the state park surrounded by forests of spruce, balsam fir and northern hardwoods. The reservoir, forests and wetlands associated with the reservoir offer habitat for a number of wildlife species.

Recreation Overview:

Hiking trails within the state park offer visitors the opportunity to explore the forests, wetlands and lake habitat. The 2.7 mile Woodford Trail circles the park and reservoir while the shorter Atwood Trail (0.5 miles) runs along a portion of the shoreline. Cross-country skiing is popular in winter with a trail beginning at the parking area north of Route 9 and following the trail to and within the park.

Planning Overview:

The long-range management plan for Woodford State Park was developed in 1985.