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Wilgus State Park

Weathersfield; Windsor County 89.10 Acres

Wilgus State Park

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General Description:

The land of Wilgus State Park was given to the State of Vermont in 1933 by Colonel and Mrs. William Wilgus for the creation of Wilgus State Park. The original park, constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCCs), consisted of a picnic area with large flue-type stone fireplaces and picnic tables, and the ranger's quarters. The campground was developed and expanded between 1960 and the present time. Wilgus State Park is a very popular park for canoes and kayaks, since it is located on the Connecticut River.

There are 4 cabins with wifi connection, 17 tent sites and 6 lean-to sites which are located along the Connecticut River bank. There is one restroom with running water and hot showers ($). There is a picnic area, and 3 lean-tos in the group area. Canoe and kayak are available. A trailer sanitary station is located by the ranger's quarters. There is also a small picnic shelter that can be reserved at no charge for small groups.

This park provides day use access to the Connecticut River and the Pinnacle Trail hike provides a scenic vista of the Connecticut River Valley.

Unique Features:

Access to the Connecticut River, limited in other areas, is the key feature of the park.

CCC crews from Mt. Ascutney State Park constructed the park between 1933 and 1935. Park structures and features built by the CCC that contribute to the historical significance of the park include the wood-framed ranger’s quarters, 7 stone water fountains, 12 stone fireplaces, and the hiking trail to the pinnacle. Wilgus State Park was included in the National Register of Historic Places in 2002 due to its CCC heritage.

Recreation Overview:

Two short hiking trails are located within the park. The Pinnacle Trail is an approximately 1.0 mile long loop trail that climbs to the top of the ridge located west of Route 5 at a 628’ elevation offering views of the Connecticut River and New Hampshire. The Wilgus Nature Trail provides a 0.5 mile walk on level terrain with tree identification and informational signs posted along the path and a viewing platform that provides hikers with views of the Connecticut River and its wildlife.

Canoeing, kayaking, and fishing are very popular activities within the park, and a canoe/kayak launch site provides visitors with great access to the Connecticut River.

Planning Overview:

The Long Range Management Plan for the Ascutney Management Unit was completed in 2016.