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Weybridge Cave State Park

Weybridge; Addison County 121 Acres


General Description:

Acquired in 1966, the 121-acre Weybridge Cave State Park is comprised of fields and upland forest. There are no developed facilities and no parking area. The forests are made up of aspen, white birch, white pine and red oak. The fields are leased to local farmers for hay production.

Unique Features:

Weybridge Cave State Park is home to the 1-acre Weybridge Cave Natural Area. Designated in the early 1980s, this Natural Area includes a cave which is the largest in Vermont and the second largest in New England.

Recreation Overview:

This state park is undeveloped; there are no facilities, parking or trails on the property. Only expert cavers should attempt exploration since both the descent and passageways are very difficult and require specialized equipment and advanced technical training. The cave entrance begins with a nearly 50-foot drop and the intermittent stream at its entrance can pose a real risk when there have been heavy rains or high water table.