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Townshend State Forest

Townshend; Windham County 1,244 Acres

Townshend State Forest arch

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General Description:

Townshend State Forest consists of a 1,095-acre parcel located entirely within the town of Townshend, Vermont. The entire property is on the steep north-facing slope of the West River Valley and consists of mixed forests with numerous woods roads. Approximately 18 acres of the parcel is designated as Townshend State Park. Access to the state park is provided by Town Highway #4, a gravel road paralleling the West River. The state park is located at the base of Bald Mountain’s north face.

Unique Features:

A large Hemlock Forest and sections of a Hemlock-Northern Hardwood Forest provide approximately 550 acres of deer wintering habitat, covering nearly 50 percent of the parcel. The Dry Oak Forest at the top of Bald Mountain functions as concentrated fall feeding habitat for bear, deer, and turkeys.

Recreation Overview:

Approximately 18 acres of the parcel is designated as Townshend State Park which contains 30 camp-tent sites and 4 lean-tos.

The Bald Mountain Hiking Trail, rising from an elevation 472 feet to 1,680 feet, offers a rigorous hiking experience to hikers. Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are also popular here.

The property offers excellent deer hunting along with black bear, grouse, and turkey. The West River, Townshend Lake, and Fair Brook provide local fishing opportunities.

There are opportunities for swimming and boating on the nearby Townshend Lake Project on the West River which is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Planning Overview:

Management under the 2002 and 2012 Long Range Management Plan (LRMP) and LRMP amendment is ongoing.