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Star Lake Wildlife Management Area

Mount Holly; Rutland County 92 Acres

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General Description:

Star Lake WMA is a 92-acre parcel of land owned by the State of Vermont and managed by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. The WMA can be accessed from Teer Road.

Unique Features:

Star Lake WMA is forested with a mix of red maple, yellow birch, red spruce and balsam fir. The WMA contains a hardwood ridge, approximately 792 feet of lake frontage and wetlands associated with Star Lake. The mix of habitat supports a diversity of wildlife including white-tailed deer, red fox, black bear, snowshoe hare and moose. Ruffed grouse, woodcock and turkey are found here as well. A number of reptiles and amphibians can be found in the wetlands and the lake supports populations of golden shiners, bullhead catfish, pumpkinseed, rainbow trout and largemouth bass.

Recreation Overview:

Recreation on the WMA is dominated by dispersed fish and wildlife-based activities including hunting, fishing and trapping as well as wildlife viewing and hiking/walking.