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Shaftsbury State Park

Shaftsbury; Bennington County 102 Acres

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General Description:

Lake Shaftsbury State Park is located off Route 7A in the town of Shaftsbury in southern Vermont. The main feature of the park is the 26-acre Lake Shaftsbury. Swimming and picnicking are the primary attractions of the park.

Unique Features:

Lake Shaftsbury, dammed at the northern end, is a shallow lake averaging just three to four feet in depth. The deepest part is at the dam where the beach is located. Wetlands are found both north and south of the lake itself.

Recreation Overview:

The Healing Springs Trail begins offers the opportunity for hikers to explore the diversity of the state park. The trail begins at the picnic shelter and travels over streams, through forests, and across wetlands. The trail is accessible from the picnic shelter to the east shore of the lake and a boardwalk is in place to allow hikers a path across the wetland. Plans are in place to connect the accessible section of trail to the wetland boardwalk.

Planning Overview:

The long-range management plan for Lake Shaftsbury State Park was developed in 1997.