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Riley Bostwick Wildlife Management Area

Rochester; Windsor County 350 Acres

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General Description:

The 350-acre Riley Bostwick Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is located in the town of Rochester. The property consists of two parcels, one is bisected by the Bethel Mountain Road, the other, often referred to as the “mountain lot”, is adjacent to the south side of Town Highway #2. In 1970, the State of Vermont acquired the property as a gift from the One Millionth Acre Tree Farm Foundation, and officially designated it as the Riley Bostwick WMA.

Unique Features:

The terrain of the WMA is typical of the eastern foothills of the Green Mountains, ranging from relatively flat fields to extremely steep, rough ground. Nason Brook is found on the lower parcel.

Recreation Overview:

The dominant recreational use of the WMA is dispersed fish and wildlife-based recreation particularly hunting, fishing and trapping. Walking, hiking and wildlife viewing are also popular. Habitat diversity on the property provides opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and bird watchers to encounter numerous songbird species.

Planning Overview:

The long-range management plan for Riley Bostwick WMA was developed in 1986.