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Pomainville Wildlife Management Area

Pittsford; Rutland County 354 Acres

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General Description:

The Pomainville Wildlife Management Area is located along Otter Creek in the town of Pittsford. The WMA is owned by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department and managed cooperatively with the US Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS). Public access to the WMA is from a parking lot on Route 7.

Unique Features:

The most prominent habitat feature is Otter Creek, which winds its way for nearly 8,000 feet along the western border of the WMA. Numerous wetlands can be found near the Creek and the northern portion of the WMA has extensive grasslands, optimal for a variety of grassland nesting birds.

Recreation Overview:

Recreation within the WMA is dominated by dispersed fish and wildlife-based activities including hunting, fishing, trapping, birdwatching, wildlife viewing and hiking. Access within the WMA is limited to foot travel via old farm roads.

Planning Overview:

The long-range management plan for Pomainville Wildlife Management Area was revised in 2005.