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Lyndon State Forest

Lyndon, Caledonia County 72.2 Acres

Lyndon State Forest

General Description:

Lyndon State Forest was one of the first parcels of land acquired by the State of Vermont, purchased in 1912. The area is hilly and composed mostly of sandy soils. Early photos show drifting sand “dunes” and sparse patches of grass. Soon after the parcel was acquired, plantings of Scotch pine, white pine, red pine, and some white spruce began and occurred until 1984.

Unique Features: Lyndon State Forest is an excellent example of intensive forest management practices over time. Due to grazing and deforestation, the area was a sand drift at the time of acquisition. Today, the forest is used for many different types of educational opportunities and is used by local schools for various field trips.

Recreation Overview: Lyndon State Forest is open for dispersed recreational activities such as bird watching, hunting, snowshoeing, berry picking, and cross country skiing. In 2017, a proposal was brought forward from Kingdom Trails Association to build and maintain a network of multi-use trails in the forest. Approximately one mile of double-track trail and approximately four miles of single-track trail was proposed. Public input was gathered through a number of public meetings. The Lyndon Planning Commission and several local businesses supported the proposal. Work on the trail system began in the summer of 2017. Trails are open to walkers and bikers as well snowshoers, cross-country skiers, and fat bikers during winter months. For more information regarding the trails, please follow the "Long Range Management Plan Amendment" link below. For general information regarding recreation on state lands, please follow the "FPR Recreation Page" link below.


Any questions about this parcel? Please contact: St. Johnsbury District Office  802-751-0110