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Granville Gulf Reservation

Granville; Addison County 1,171 Acres

General Description:

Granville Gulf Reservation consists of 1,171 acres on either side of a six-mile section of Route 100 known as the Granville Gulf. The original parcel consisted of a 900-acre gift from Governor Redfield Proctor in 1928. Additional purchases in 1942 and 1952 brought the total acreage to what it is today.

Unique Features:

Granville Gulf Reservation is best known for its contribution to the scenic drive along that section of Route 100 and for the spectacular Moss Glen Falls with its 80-foot drop to the floor of the gulf where Deer Hollow Brook joins Alder Meadow Brook.

Recreation Overview:

The property is popular for hunting and wildlife viewing but perhaps the most popular draw is the short trail that leads from the parking area on Route 100 to the view of the falls. This accessible trail brings visitors right to the base of the 80-foot cascade.

Planning Overview:

A long-range management plan was developed in 1985.