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Densmore Hill Wildlife Management Area

Hartland; Windsor County 252 Acres

Densmore Hiill WMA spikehorn

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General Description:

Densmore Hill Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is bordered by Morley Road on the west and by Cady Brook on the southwest in the town of Hartland. The parcel’s terrain is rugged, sloping steeply up to the north and east from Cady Brook to a ridgeline that runs northwest to southeast. The land slopes more gently from the top of the ridge down to a hollow containing two drainages. From there it climbs steeply again to the highest elevation on Scott Hill. A gated access road and woods roads offer excellent foot access to the parcel. From September 1st to December 15th vehicle access is opened to a parking area further into the parcel to offer better hunting season access.

Unique Features:

Densmore Hill WMA is almost completely forested. It is mostly a young northern hardwood community made up of sugar maple, paper birch and beech, with white pine and hemlock scattered throughout. Two old apple orchards and numerous young oak trees have been released to provide beneficial habitat for wildlife. In the recent past, a variety of wildlife management techniques, including patch cuts, have been carried out to provide habitat for ruffed grouse and can be found on either side of the drainage that bisects the WMA. A beaver wetland along Morley Road is accessible by car and offers wildlife viewing opportunities.

Recreation Overview:

Densmore Hill WMA is open to regulated hunting, trapping, fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing. Late summer and fall berry picking is excellent as well, though in competition with black bears.

Planning Overview:

Planning Updates:

Planning Status:  The 2007 management plan is current and active.