Amity Pond Natural Area

Pomfret; Windsor County
184 Acres

Amity Pond Natural Area shelter

General Description:

This undeveloped area contains second growth forests and small ponds. Deed restrictions require the area be maintained for undeveloped, "primitive" types of outdoor recreation. The area has two rustic lean-tos for camping and trails for hiking and cross-country skiing.

Recreation Overview:

Amity Pond Natural Area contains approximately 2.7 miles of trails including the option of a 1.25 mile loop using the Crossover Trail. Allowed trail use includes hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and horseback riding. Scenic views of the Vermont country side are found from the open meadows near the height of land. Hunting for deer and ruffed grouse is allowed. Camping is allowed at the two rustic lean-tos. Lean-to use is “first come, first served.”

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