PILOT Program

Land that is in public ownership is not subject to property tax, the Payment in Lieu of Taxes program (PILOT) is designed to compensate towns for lost revenue. The Agency’s PILOT program for lands in administered by the Lands Administration Division and the valuations are determined by the Department of Taxes, Division for Property Valuation and Review (PVR). The Agency’s PILOT payment is calculated at 1% of the fair market value as determined by PVR, with the exception of some lands that were enrolled in the Use Value Appraisal Program as of 1999.

The statute that sets provides the authority to the Agency and sets forth the formula is Title 32 Chapter 123 § 3708.

Two recent legislative reports have been written on the ANR Lands PILOT program. The report from 2014 is available here and the lastest report from 2015 is available here.

PILOT reports are also where you will find the best avalible information about the Agency's acrage by town and Department.

Below are the last few years of PILOT payments:

2015 (Fiscal Year 2016) PILOT Payment by Town

2014 (Fiscal Year 2015) PILOT Payment by Town

2013 (Fiscal Year 2014) PILOT Payment by Town

2012 (Fiscal Year 2013) PILOT Payment by Town

2011 (Fiscal Year 2012) PILOT Payment by Town

2010 (Fiscal Year 2011) PILOT Payment by Town