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Rupert State Forest

Rupert; Bennington County 363 Acres

General Description:

Rupert State Forest is comprised of two separate parcels totaling 363 acres located on the Rupert-Dorset town line. The property was a gift to the state in 1959. An additional 27 acres were gifted to the state in 2013. The State Forest is steep, remote, and completely forested with northern hardwoods. There is no legal right-of-way to these lands.

Unique Features:

Rupert State Forest is located in the Taconic Mountains on the ridge top and east slopes of Spruce Peak, one of several peaks in a mountainous, un-roaded areas dominated by Mt. Equinox, Red Mountain, Mother Myrick, and Bear Mountain.

Recreation Overview:

There is no legal right of access to Rupert State Forest and therefore any access for hunting or dispersed recreation relies on permission from neighboring landowners. There are no designated trails on the state forest.

Planning Overview:

The long-range management plan for Rupert State Forest was developed in 1996.