Primitive Camping


primitive camping

Many state lands are available for primitive, or "no trace" camping free of charge. Primitive camping means camping in a forest with no developed facilities and leaving the site with little or no evidence of human visitation.

Primitive camping is available in State Forests and Wildlife Management Areas. For more information on where to go and what to expect, please call the district office that manages the land. Permits are not usually required. See this link >for where to primitive camp on state forests and for district contact information.

Additional information can also be found here

Primitive Camping Guidelines

  • Primitive camping is allowed within designated areas of selected state lands.

  • Camping must be at least 100 feet from any stream or body of water

  • Camping must be at least 200 feet from any trail or property line, and 1000 feet from any traveled road.

  • Camping is allowed up to three consecutive nights in the same area.

  • Groups of eleven or more individuals must obtain a permit from the District Office in order to primitive camp.

  • Only dead and down trees or branches may be used for firewood.

  • Camping above 2500 feet in elevation is prohibited unless otherwise designated.

  • We require one responsible adult for every 4 campers under the age of 14.

  • If you carry it in - carry it out!

  • Leave your campsite so clean that no one else can find it.

  • The use of backpacker stoves with self-contained fuel is urged.

  • Some areas have remote lean-tos for overnight camping