Automated Pellet Boilers

Appropriate for residences and small to medium sized commercial buildings and institutions, wood pellet boilers are completely automated, extremely efficient, and offer a hands-off experience exactly like the propane or oil boiler most are used to. Pellets arrive by truck into a holding bin or silo and feed directly to the boiler when the thermostat calls for heat. Maintenance may be as simple as emptying a small container of ash onto your garden or lawn every month or two.

Wood pellet boilers allow buildings to heat with wood with the same hands-off convenience as a fossil fuel boiler.  Modern wood heat supports local businesses, and substantially reduces heating bills. It is good for the environment, for the local economy, and your bank account!

Automated pellet boilers are more expensive than their fossil fuel counterparts up front, but over the long run result in net savings for the operator.

Image Courtesy of: Renewable Energies Agency