Groton Nature Center Programs

10am-11:30: Wildlife Watercolors

·         Come join Interpreter Meredith for a guided nature hike where we’ll search for inspiration for our masterpieces.  After approximately 45 minutes of hiking, we’ll head back to the nature center to draw and/or paint images of any natural objects we’ve collected along the way.  Meet at the Nature Center.  Wear close-toed shoes and be prepared for bugs during the hike.

11:30-4pm: Nature Center Open House

·         There’s so much to see and do here!  You can go on a scavenger hunt, take a hike, create a nature craft, play a game, work on your Jr. Ranger booklet, or simply come and explore.  Wonderful experience for all ages.

4:30-6:30pm: Bear in Mind

·         Meet at the Sillwater Contact Station to learn about bears and discuss bear safety.  We’ll have lots to see and touch.

 Dusk:     Fireworks over Lake Groton!

Event Date: 
Friday, July 06, 2018: 10:00 am to 8:30 pm