Niquette Bay State Park Poetry Walk is Poetry in Motion

COLCHESTER - Now celebrating its second year, The Poetry Walk at Niquette Bay State Park is a collaboration between the Burnham Memorial Library and Niquette Bay State Park, promoting literacy, learning, and a deeper appreciation of the natural world with a connection to the place we call home.

Sixteen poems have been selected to inspire thoughts of our progression through life’s passages as evoked by beautiful natural scenery of the Colchester environment.

A journal is provided at the end of the walk for visitors to share their thoughts and reflections with others. We welcome suggestions for works that are meaningful to participants that could be shared in this or other Poetry Walks in the future. Selected works will change throughout the season on the first of each month, the Poetry Walk is on display now through Columbus Day.

The walk begins along the Allen Trail, then detours to the Burns Trail which descends into a cool valley, crosses Trout Brook, ascends to the start of the Muhley Trail, then winds north, south, then north again to the spectacular Mt. Mansfield Vista. The walk continues to the Island Loop Trail, and culminates at the Island View Vista with a breathtaking view of the Adirondacks, Champlain Islands and the Lake. The Poetry Walk’s total distance from the beginning to the end, then back to the beginning, is a little more than three miles with a total elevation gain of 260'.

All public libraries in Vermont, including Burnham Memorial, have park passes that can be checked out that provides free day use entry for up to eight people in one vehicle into any Vermont State Park day use area.