Random Acts of Camping Coming to Vermont State Parks This Summer

Designed to share the joy of camping with Vermonters, “Random Acts of Camping” will be coming to a state park day use area near you. "Random Acts of Camping" rewards lucky park visitors with two free nights of tent, RV, lean-to, or cabin camping in any Vermont State Park campground. One winner will be chosen at random on nice weather weekends through August 3, beginning in Elmore State Park on June 27.

The program was developed as a way to increase statewide accessibility to camping and to foster a lifelong love of the outdoors. Vermont State Parks will be giving away the free park stays to day users at Elmore, Silver Lake, Sand Bar, Alburgh Dunes and Kingsland Bay state parks during busy weekends this summer. The winners will be chosen at random by park staff. Winners will also receive personal trip planning assistance from the Parks Sales & Service Manager.

"Camping with your family and friends is so much fun and the outdoors is so good for you. Our hope is that this program encourages a few more people to give camping a try," says Rochelle Skinner, Parks Sales & Service Manager.

Random Acts of Camping kicked off at Elmore State Park on June 27th. Every Wednesday, if weekend weather is looking good, we’ll announce which park we’ll be at for the upcoming weekend on the Vermont State Parks’ website, Facebook and Twitter feeds.

For further information, please contact:

Rochelle Skinner at 802-522-0841 or rochelle.skinner@state.vt.us or
Craig Whipple at 802-343-5318 or