Burn Ban Will Expire May 19th for all VT Counties

As of 3 pm on May 19, 2015, the order directing the Town Forest Fire Wardens to cease issuing open burning permits in Bennington and Windham counties will expire.  This order was issued at 3pm on May 5, 2015, and was rescinded for all other counties in Vermont on May 12, 2015.  The valleys and low to mid-slopes in the southernmost 2 counties are complete in their green-up, and the higher elevations are well along in this process.  As a result, the fire danger indices for most of Bennington and Windham counties are levels low enough to warrant removal of this order. 


Issuing open burning permits, known as a “Permit to Kindle Fire”, under the authority of title 10 V.S.A., Chapter 83, §2645 is now at the discretion of the Town Forest Fire Warden and Deputy Warden.  Some fire wardens may continue to hold off on issuing burn permits in their towns until the fuel and weather conditions become more suitable for controlled burns.


“The Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation appreciates the cooperation by the general public in recognizing the importance of the burn ban.  The first 7 days of May had many wildland fire starts, which sparked the order for fire wardens to cease issuing burn permits on May 5th.  Southern Vermont, especially the Connecticut River Valley, had several forest fires that were larger than average”, said Lars Lund, Vermont Forest Fire Supervisor. “On behalf of our department, we wish to thank the Town Forest Fire Wardens and Deputy Wardens for their education and prevention efforts during this time. We would also like to thank the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management for their cooperation in publicizing this order.” 


For more information, please call Lars Lund, State Forest Fire Supervisor (802-786-3856) or your local fire warden, check out #VTFireDanger on Twitter or visit the FPR Wildland Fire webpage at http://fpr.vermont.gov/forest/fires.