Pine Shoot Beetle Quarantine Considerations


Under the federal Pine Shoot Beetle Quarantine, certain regulations apply to the movement of pine products. The regulated products are: Christmas trees; logs and firewood with bark attached; lumber with bark attached; nursery stock; raw pine materials for pine wreaths and garlands; and stumps. All species of pine are included.

The quarantine area includes the much of the northeastern and north central US, and parts of Quebec and Ontario. For a map showing the quarantine area in the United States and CanadaPine Shoot Beetle (Tomicus piniperda) Quarantine Area.

According to the federal Pine Shoot Beetle Quarantine:

  • All pine products can move freely at any time within the quarantine area.
  • Pine logs, bark, and other regulated products cannot be transported from Vermont (or any other location within the quarantine area) to any location outside the quarantine area, unless the receiving sawmill, or other facility, has a compliance agreement in place with USDA-APHIS.  The pine logs and bark are also required to have a movement certificate issued by USDA-APHIS.

   For more information: USDA-APHIS Pine Shoot Beetle Quarantine.


For More Information or Assistance:

Barbara Schultz, Forest Health Program Manager
VT Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation
Phone: 802-777-2082

Stephen Lavallee, State Plant Health Director
USDA-APHIS, Plant Protection and Quarantine
Phone: 802-224-1402


Updated: April 2016