Maidstone State Park

Brunswick and Maidstone, Essex County
475 Acres

Maidstone Lake in Winter

General Description:
Maidstone State Park was purchased from the New Hampshire and Vermont Lumber Company in 1938 specifically for developing a state park. Much of the area is undeveloped and is mainly a mixed northern hardwood forest. Many species of wildlife inhabit the area, including moose, bear, and deer. For

Unique Features:
The most significant feature in the forest is Maidstone Lake, a 279-acre lake of glacial origin. The lake is surrounded by hills and supports a healthy population of lake trout. Loons routinely nest on the lake.

Recreation Overview:
Maidstone boasts a campground and a day use area. The area is open for hunting and fishing and nature trails follow the lake. For more information on park facilities, please follow the links below. Maidstone is one of six State Parks located along the Connecticut River Byway.

Planning Overview:
The management plan for Maidstone State Park was written in 1982 and signed by then Commissioner Leo Laferriere on December 6, 1983. The plan allows for management of both the recreation and forest areas of Maidstone State Park.

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