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Les Newell Wildlife Management Area

Stockbridge, Barnard & Bridgewater; Windsor County 8,081 Acres

Les Newell WMA

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General Description:

Les Newell Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is made up of more than 10 separate parcels varying in size and topography, and totaling 7,988 acres. The properties are dispersed over four towns:  Barnard, Bridgewater, Sherburne, and Stockbridge. They are owned by the State of Vermont and managed by The A. Johnson Company of Bristol, VT who hold the original timber rights. Much of the land surrounding Les Newell is in large ownerships; therefore Les Newell is part of a large (50,000 acre), relatively undeveloped area. This area has been known historically as the Chateauguay. The WMA can be accessed by Stony Brook Road or Boutwell Road in the town of Stockbridge. In Barnard, Smith Hill Road bisects the WMA east of Delectable Mountain. The Appalachian Trail crosses the WMA near the southern border of the largest unit.

Unique Features:

The parcel’s remote rugged landscape, punctuated by forestry roads, creates a great backcountry opportunity with several vehicle access points (4WD recommended).

Recreation Overview:

The region has been enjoyed for many years by snowmobilers, horseback riders, hunters, trappers, birdwatchers, and other people who take pleasure in recreating in remote forest settings. An official VASA ATV network traverses some to the WMA on class 3 and 4 town roads.

Planning Status: Because the parcel is not managed by the State of Vermont, no Long Range Management Plan (LRMP) has been developed.