Current Incentives & Rebates


Vermont Sales and Use Tax Exemption:

Starting July 1, 2018, advanced wood heat boilers will qualify for a retail sales and use tax exemption.  The exemption is on qualifying equipment and directly associated equipment must meet the following requirements:  (A) installed as a primary central heating system; (B) rated as high-efficiency, meaning a higher heating value or gross calorific value of 85 percent or more; (C) containing at least one week fuel-storage, automated startup and shutdown, and fuel feed; and (D) meeting other efficiency and air emissions standards established by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Residential Rebates and Incentives

Automated Wood Heating Systems
Wood and Pellet Stoves
Low-Income Vermonters

Commercial & Institutional Rebates and Incentives

Automated Wood Heating Systems


Agriculture Rebates and Incentives

Modern Wood Heating Systems
Maple Sap Evaporators


Financing Options

Financing options exist for projects of all sizes, from pellet stoves up to large wood chip systems. The most commonly used financing products are listed below.



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