Voluntary Harvesting Guidelines

Closed crossingOn January 15, 2015, the Commissioner of the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation (FPR) adopted a set of voluntary harvesting guidelines for private landowners to help ensure long-term forest health and sustainability. The guidelines were developed in response to Act 24 which was passed by the Vermont General Assembly in 2013. The Commissioner and staff of FPR began this process by forming the Advisory Committee, which represented a broad group of stakeholders interested in the sustainability of Vermont's forests. The Advisory Committee along with technical experts, including some within the Agency of Natural Resources, reviewed current research and drafted guidelines for the Commissioner's review. Throughout the process, FPR and the Advisory Committee offered the public multiple opportunities for comment.

We hope that these voluntary guidelines will provide forest landowners, and the professionals who work with them, practical recommendations and information to help them make informed decisions when planning and conducting harvesting operations. Although we provide the background information needed to support decision-making, the focus of this document is primarily operational, covering the forest health and sustainability issues you should be aware of and consider when conducting harvesting operations.

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Quick Tips for Harvesting

Act 24: An act relating to harvesting guidelines and procurement standards