Learn More About Your Woodland


If you are thinking about harvesting the wood on your land; are interested in wildlife habitat or recreation potential; have questions about conservation easements; or would like to simply learn more about the trees, plants, and wildlife on your property, the links provide several helpful resources to help you unlock your land’s potential.

The Place You Call Home

Published by Northern Woodlands magazine, The Place You Call Home is a series of “owner’s manuals” for people who own land in the greater Northern Forest region of New England and New York. Each manual includes how-to articles, discussions on land management options such as improving wildlife habitat or donating a conservation easement, tips for tracking wildlife, and contact information for government agencies, consulting foresters, and conservation organizations. 

More Than a Woodlot

Published by Northern Woodlands, More Than a Woodlot is an insightful book into ecologically managing your woods: you will feel right at home with a natural forestry focused on the forest as a whole, not just its trees.

If you have ever wondered how to make the best decisions for the woods you hold dear, More Than a Woodlot is for you. Author Stephen Long translates complex ecological and forestry concepts into  easy-to-understand language in this how-to guide and helps you get started.

My Land Plan

Get More Out of the Land You Love at My Land Plan is an on-line tool hosted by the American Forest Foundation. This easy-to-use tool will let you explore and discover how to manage your woodlands. You will be able to map your land, set goals, keep a journal, and connect with woodland owners and foresters all in one place.