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Coolidge State Forest, East

Bridgewater, Plymouth, Reading & Woodstock; Windsor County 5,389 Acres

Coolidge State Forest Slack Hill

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In anticipation of emerald ash borer white ash tree kill, white ash trees are being removed from trails and Coolidge State Park from 2021-2023.

General Description:

Coolidge State Forest is comprised of numerous forest blocks ranging from 20 to several thousand acres. Primary access is off Ranger Road, Messer Hill Road, Quarry Road, Pine Lee Road, and 5 Corners Cemetery Road in Plymouth; and Curtis Hollow Road in Bridgewater. The parcel hosts Coolidge State Park in Plymouth. Forests are typically hardwood and often steep. Forest management has been extensive and numerous woods roads offer foot access for hunting, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

In 2021, FPR assumed ownership of the Wilder Farm portion of Division for Historic Preservation's Coolidge Homestead which includes hiking trails, VAST trails, and 386 acres of forest, wetlands, and fields, on the south side of Route 100A.

Unique Features:

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built many of the roads on the parcel. These roads allow visitors to drive into what would have been remote unreachable interior forests. An abandoned quarry at the junction of Ranger Road and Quarry Road is an interesting exploration.

Recreation Overview:

In addition to a developed campground, Coolidge State Forest also offers hiking trails, several remote lean-tos, primitive camping areas, and gold panning. The remoteness of many of the parcels, combined with an active timber sale program, provides good hunting opportunities for game species such as deer, moose, and ruffed grouse. Snowmobiling on the extensive network of road and trails groomed by the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) is a popular winter activity. 

Planning Overview:

The current Long Range Management Plan (LRMP) for the parcel dates back to 1995 and was written for a 20-year period. Most of the management scheduled in that plan is completed and forest inventory is scheduled in the near future as a basis for an LRMP for the next 20 years.

Additional Information:

Foresters completed a harvest in 2014 that was designed with Vermont Audubon to enhance forest songbird habitat. It can be viewed on the north side of Quarry Road along the last half-mile of road.