Park Interpreter Program

State Park Programs

Some of your most memorable moments spent in a Vermont State Park just might come from attending one of the many programs and events in the parks.

Girl touching animal furs on a picnic table with a state park interpreter outside of the Button Point Nature Center.From guided nature hikes to encounters with live raptors, Vermont State Parks are alive with a huge assortment of programs to inspire and entertain. 

In many parks from Woodford to Burton Island there are Park Interpreters ready to guide adventures into the special qualities of your favorite places. 

Perhaps you would like to delve into the abandoned slate mining village hidden in the center of Bomoseen State Park, or maybe you want to discover the secrets of carnivorous plants in Stillwater State Park.

Park Interpreters will be your guide to exploring these unique cultural and natural elements.  No matter your age or background, you can be inspired and see things in new and amazing ways with a program by a Park Interpreter. 

Interpreters undergo intensive training focused on developing thematic and entertaining programming that will help foster your curiosity about the unique features in state parks.  The goal is to send you home with great memories and inquisitiveness about the amazing places you explore.  Park Interpreter training is designed and accredited by the National Association for Interpretation, a professional organization for those people that spend their time connecting you to the amazing places you visit. 

Check out the events page to find an assortment of activities that are happening in Vermont State Parks, or ask about programs at the park office the next time you come for a visit.