Junior Ranger Program

Junior Ranger Program  

Girl holding a fishing pole with a pumpkinseed sunsfish on the hook, standing next to a state park interpreter on the shore of Lake Champlain.Do you like visiting Vermont State Parks and do you want to help keep them beautiful and healthy? If you answered yes, then you should consider becoming a Junior Ranger.

Being a Vermont State Park Ranger is a rewarding and important job. We are proud of our hard-working and knowledgeable rangers. You too can start doing activities and learning to how to become a ranger by completing the Junior Ranger Activity Booklet. There are two levels of Junior Ranger, Salamander (ages 4-8) and Beaver (ages 9+).

Ask a ranger or park interpreter for one to start today.

Good luck and we'll see you in the parks!

Activities Include:

Observing Nature
Creating a poem or story on your favorite park
Identifying Animal Tracks
Solving Puzzles