Camel's Hump Management Unit

Duxbury, Huntington, Bolton, Fayston, Buel's Gore, Waitsfield, Richmond, Starksboro- Washington, Chittenden, and Addison Counties

This Management Unit is comprised of the following parcels:

Planning Overview:

The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources has reopened the public comment period on a draft plan for a group of public lands in the Camel’s Hump area of central Vermont. During the initial public comment period from October 25th through January 15th, the Agency hosted 4 public meetings attended by more than 120 stakeholders and interested parties and received over 500 written comments. Several comments called for more time to submit feedback on the plan. In response, the Agency is accepting additional comments through Friday, April 13, 2018.  Written comments should be sent to the Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation, 111 West Street, Essex Junction, VT 05452-4695. Or email us your comments at

After the public comment period closes, all comments will be compiled and grouped by theme (mountain biking, hiking, back-country skiing, timber/wildlife habitat management, etc.). Responses to the grouped comments will be addressed in summary format. The responsiveness summary will be sent to all who attended a public meeting and provided contact information and to those who provided written comment by email or sent to our street address. The responsiveness summary will describe any changes that will be made to the draft plan based upon input received during this public involvement process. Every effort will be made to include suggestions which are compatible with the ANR and its department’s missions; compatible with ANR lands management principles and goals; and which are fiscally realistic.

An FAQ document has been created to answer common questions about the Draft LRMP.

View the draft of the LRMP using the links below:

o   APPENDIX A. Land Transactions History

o   APPENDIX B. Legal Constraints Matrices

o   APPENDIX C. Cultural Landscape Report

o   APPENDIX D. Archeological Sensitivity Study

o   APPENDIX E. Public Involvement Input and Responsiveness Summaries

o   APPENDIX F. Natural Communities Information

o   APPENDIX G. Recreation Use Data

o   APPENDIX H. Forest Stand Data and Maps

o   APPENDIX I. Assessment of the Native Bee Diversity of CHMU

o   APPENDIX J. Photo Gallery

o   APPENDIX K. Information Sources

o   APPENDIX L. Literature Utilized in Formulating the CHMU LRMP

o   APPENDIX M. Public Use of VT F&W Lands

o   APPENDIX N. Glossary


Any questions about this parcel? Please contact:

Jason Nerenberg

Stewardship Forester
111 West Street
Essex Junction, VT  05452-4695
Work Phone: 802-498-4342
Fax: 802-878-5192