Managing Your Woodlands

Your Woods

Here you will find contact information about our services and who to contact for any questions about your woodlands and trees, wildlife, and recreation potential. 

Vermont's County Foresters can walk your land with you, providing general advice on woodland care. County Foresters can advise you in selecting a consulting forester or another professional who can assist you in drafting a forest management plan, conducting a forest inventory, or assessing a site for harvesting.

Find information about, links to, and contacts for the Vermont's Forestry Use Value Appraisal (Current Use) Program,and the Voluntary Harvesting Guidelines.

Interested in exploring conservation protection for your land to ensure it will remain forest into the future? See Conserving your Woodlands.

You or your consulting forester can draft or contribute to existing maps for your woodland plans through the Agency of Natural Resources’ mapping tools or Map My Land software.

Interested in Wildlife Habitat on your land?  A Landowner’s Guide to Wildlife Habitat Management for Lands in Vermont can be purchased from the Fish and Wildlife Department.