Stumpage Price Reports

Stumpage price reports are a continuation of the report that was previously produced for many years by UVM Extension. Those who are familiar with the original report will notice that the original format has been preserved in the current version: coverage of three state regions and quarterly reporting. The new report, however, now publishes the number of responses for each species and product within each region.

The same cautions recommended by UVM Extension apply to the current report. Prices listed are for use only as general indicators of the stumpage price. In cases where the number of responses is “1” or “2,” the user is encouraged to be even more cautious in interpreting the data. Individual woodlot conditions play a significant role in determining the actual stumpage price possible for a harvest. In these cases, it is highly recommended that a landowner seek input from a forester and a logger to obtain a more accurate measure of potential timber value.

2016 - Third Quarter

2016 - Second Quarter

2016 - First Quarter

2015 - Fourth Quarter

2015 - Third Quarter

2015 - Second Quarter 

2015 - First Quarter

2014 - Fourth Quarter

2014 - Third Quarter

2014 - Second Quarter

2014 - First Quarter

2013 - Fourth Quarter

2013 - Third Quarter

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